Welcome to Reforming Politics & Culture.  This space is designated specifically for hashing out what it means to be politically conservative Christians who are active in a liberal society.  While I’m more than willing to talk politics in general, whether it be left or right, my end goal is conservative Christianity, or if you prefer, Christian conservatism.  Either way, my political and cultural views blend the two in such a way that, in my mind, they can never be separate.

My mentors are many – though most of them are dead.  To name a few: St. Augustine, John Calvin, Martin Luther, Sir Walter Scott, C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, J.R.R. Tolkien, Patrick Henry, Robert E. Lee, William F. Buckley, Ronald Reagan… the list goes on.  I owe my life and my philosophy of life to those who have gone before me, whose lives and decisions were not decided by the circumstances around them, but rather whose lives and decisions determined their circumstances.  These men didn’t live their lives according to what was popular or easy; their lives were ones of conviction and purpose.  Their beliefs were grounded and fundamental to every decision and choice they made.

As we face a largely immoral and wavering 21st-century American society, we need men and women with foundations like these.  We need men and women of strong and moral character.  Such were those who risked their lives to found this country, and such will be those who will risk their lives to defend her future.  Truly, as Ronald Reagan once spoke, “The future does not belong to the faint-hearted; it belongs to the brave.”

I hope you will enjoy this glimpse of my humble perspective, and pray that it encourages and motivates you to be a better citizen on this earth and in His Kingdom.

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My Bio


Daniel is a Commercial Property Manager with Drake Management Services, LLC in Tyler, TX. Prior to joining the Drake Team in May 2017, Daniel worked for U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. As his East Texas Regional Director, Daniel served as the primary liaison for the Senator to business owners, organizations, community leaders, and constituents across a thirty-five county region.

As a 7th generation Texan, Daniel is committed to building, growing, and improving the East Texas region, both economically and socially. During the last few years, Daniel has served in multiple arenas as an advocate for local businesses, economic growth, and political awareness. This includes volunteering time and efforts for local and state organizations, as well as serving as a Board Member for multiple organizations.

Daniel received a B.A. degree from New Saint Andrews College, and is a licensed Realtor. He and his wife, Joanna, along with their two girls, are members of Fifth Street Presbyterian Church, where Daniel is active in the church community.



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