RPC Update

You may have noticed that the RPC website and FB page have seen less activity the last 2-3 weeks. My excuse is that we had the blessing of welcoming our second child – another daughter – into the world on April 16th. The days leading up to and following that joyous occasion have been a blur, and it’s only been the last couple of days that I’ve really been back in the saddle and able to spend some substantial time at my office, handling contracts, doing some reading, and catching up on important news. So I apologize for the hiatus, but plan to keep you busy reading as much material as I can to further educate and inform as to how we as Christians and conservatives can reform our culture, and therefore our politics.

With that in mind, I am happy to announce that the RPC Facebook page passed 100 “Likes” over the last 24 hours! As I’ve mentioned in the past, if you’re interested or like the content you find on this website, you really should be following our FB page, as the majority of the content we recommend is found there. And there are handy links over to the right where you can “Like” the page and/or follow us on Twitter.

As a bit of a Library update, I’m busy trying to finish a couple of books right now, but in my “Must Read Soon” stack I have the following biographies. What have YOU been reading lately?
















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Welcome to the brand new, professionally designed home of Reforming Politics & Culture!

If you’ve noticed my blogging in the past, you might remember I had a clunky, unsophisticated blog hosted by WordPress which I sporadically updated.  As you can see, times have changed and the scenery has dramatically improved.

This could not have happened without the fantastic assistance I received from my long-time friend, Daniel Foucachon, President and Founder of Roman Roads Media (and the mastermind behind CanonWired).  The design work was done by my very capable buddy, Andrew Higdon, of Brand Headquarters.  My profuse thanks to both of you for your time and effort.

Because God has granted/cursed me (depending on your perspective) with a passion for politics, history and culture, I’ve also decided to give RPC its own FB page in order to spare all my good friends who can’t stand it whenever a hot political topic rolls around and their feeds get spammed by yours truly.  If you care to follow the action you can run over and like that here, or just click the handy little “Like” button over on the right sidebar.

I have many plans for this site which I hope to divulge in the upcoming weeks, but I hope you’ll enjoy the content that is here and on the FB page, that you’ll like and comment what you… you know, like, that you’ll share the site, links and articles with your friends, and in general participate in the process which I hope to further by my work here: reforming our country’s politics and culture.


The Editor
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