Commemorating Roe v Wade

The 40th Anniversary of Roe v Wade came and went yesterday, and in celebration our pagan neighbors sacrificed another 3200+ babies on the altar of self-worship.  I didn’t post anything because there are no words to describe the disgust that I have for that decision in 1973, or for that matter the decisions of the mothers and fathers that are so willing to abdicate and reject the life of their offspring.  It is no wonder they reject the only Begotten Son who grants eternal life.

I did, however, read two very worthwhile articles on the topic of abortion and related to the Roe v Wade Anniversary which I’d like to share:

“It is the fortieth anniversary of Roe v. Wade, plus a day, and it becomes necessary deconstruct this particular creepfest.

For a generation we have been told that pro-aborts believed that this was an intense, personal decision, one made after much anguish and incessant prayer. We were told that no one took this decision lightly, and that everyone was pro-life, just in different ways. And so, when it came time for the Center for Reproductive Rights to mark the 40th anniversary of Roe, what do they do? Well, their unctuous spokesman appears to be closely related to Smoove B. from The Onion. This is the pimp boyfriend who slugs his girl in the eye, and believes that he can fix it with a solitary rose and some slow jam music.


“I have a dream!

That one day children will not be judged on their stage of development, but on their intrinsic dignity and value as image-bearers of God.

Yesterday I posted on the Civil Rights movement and the truly amazing progress our nation has made in overcoming bigotry and racism.

Today, I want to note that the ugliest and most evil of bigotries is still alive and well in America. That the most helpless and vulnerable human beings, quietly resting in what God designed as the safest place on earth, a mother’s womb, are wantonly attacked, dismembered, and dispatched at the hands of “healthcare” providers.

America is essentially the only developed nation that allows no restrictions whatsoever on this barbaric practice.

It must stop.



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