Predict Who Wins the Senate

The Wall Street Journal, always proving itself as a valuable news source as well as a resource for ideas and strategies (be they personal, professional, or political), has provided us with a cool new graphic. Taking data from Real Clear Politics (a polling aggregate), we can experiment with the numbers to determine who will gain control of the Senate in early November. If you’re a WSJ subscriber, it’s worth looking at the available scenarios.

Balance of Power 2014


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Jerry Seinfeld on Advertising

Jerry Seinfeld is one of the greatest geniuses in comedy. Very few people can take normal, everyday phrases and point out the irony and humor in them like Jerry can. Seinfeld, that famous “show about nothing,” is still one of the greatest shows in television history. And now, Jerry’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is worth regular viewing to see the real, genuine product that is Jerry Seinfeld.

Here’s a clip of Jerry’s acceptance speech at the Clio Awards in which he waxes eloquently on the subject of advertising and our innate desire for “stuff.”

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Mike Rowe on the Value of Education

Post by CNN.
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