Space Shuttle Columbia – In Memoriam

My friends and family can testify that when I get the opportunity to go to IMAX theaters, I usually prefer to watch the films about the shuttle program, the planets, stars, moon… or just space in general.  It’s truly amazing that we have the technology to blast ourselves off the face of this earth at 25,000 miles/hr to escape our planet’s atmosphere and travel to distant bodies in the universe.  Simply unbelievable.  C.S. Lewis and his character Ransom, from The Space Trilogy, would be in awe of the photos and videos collected.  Over the years we’ve seen the unimaginable beauty of the heavens and wondered at the glory of God’s creation.  Although our society has since largely removed “God” from the realms of science and discovery, during the age of the space race there was no doubt Who had blessed us with such heavenly opportunities, as you’ll hear in the video below from Apollo 8.  And in regard to all of our space ventures, I can only say as Mrs. Armstrong did following the lunar landing of Apollo 11, “Praise God from whom all blessings flow.”

Sadly, today is the 10th Anniversary of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster.  My family’s house shook as it disintegrated over Texas and landed in pieces all throughout our county.  In the words of President Bush, it was a day that “brought terrible news and great sadness to our country.”

I’ll always think of our country’s accomplishments in space with pride and pleasure.  We have indeed been mightily blessed.  I”ll always smile every time I hear Walter Cronkite say as he anchored the Apollo 11 landing: “Armstrong is on the moon.  Neil Armstrong.  38-year old American.  Standing on the surface of the moon.  On this July 20th, 1969.”  But it is events like the Columbia disaster that remind me that despite our accomplishments and awards, the God who made the moon and gave us the ability to walk on its surface also holds us in His hands.  As the apostle James says, “You don’t know what your life will be like tomorrow. For what is your life? For you are a vapor, that appears for a little time, and then vanishes away.”  At one moment we may be perfectly healthy and completely normal… the next moment gone.

He who fashioned the heavens and the earth – does He not know our footsteps?  Does He not care for us?  Did He not fashion the entire universe for His own glory and our enjoyment?  Truly – we can only look up to the heavens and marvel because He made them just for us.

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