Changing Seasons – An Update

Stop the presses; hold the news. Particularly of the fake persuasion.

After a hiatus of over two and a half years, I return to this corner of the globe (just ignore the non sequitur)…

As my last post was titled “Democalypse 2014,” and included a video of Jon Stewart, I should begin with the obvious: The world hasn’t ended, I’m still a Texan, and I’m still kickin’. That’s all the assurance I can provide, though, as much else has changed since October 2014.

Let me explain. No, that is too much. Let me sum up:

I left a career in real estate in Nacogdoches, took a job in Tyler covering the East Texas region for Senator Ted Cruz, left that position earlier this year, and have now returned to a career in real estate, but this time in Tyler. Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.

These past two years provided an incredible whirlwind of education and growth, both personally and professionally. I witnessed first hand the behemoth that is our American political system, which for all its warts is still a blessing and provides us as citizens the opportunity to make a difference. I was blessed to have met and talked with countless constituents, liberal and conservative, who cared about their country and their communities. In the end, we are an imperfect people, with imperfect leaders and imperfect laws. But humility, grace, and longsuffering go far, and some of my favorite conversations were with those who disagreed passionately with my boss.

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