The Christian Right? Or Wrong…

Right-vs.-WrongAs conservatives and Christians continue to recover from the recent 2-year-long presidential race and election, it’s necessary to take stock and evaluate where we stand as individuals within the “conservative Christian” umbrella.  To begin, I’d like to offer a couple of criticisms and suggestions to those who would consider themselves in line with the Christian Right.

I should first point out that this is not meant to attack the Christian Right as an ideological organization, as most of what I’ll say is actually similar to what they believe and promote.  Rather, I want to point out the inconsistency of many of those who loosely affiliate with the Christian Right, as well as note how this inconsistency sets up the group as a whole for failure.

Also, I firmly believe that we should be very thankful for both the Christian Right and groups like the Moral Majority – for their staunch opposition to abortion and government overreach.  Through my participation on multiple social media platforms I can confidently attest that all those who associate with the Christian Right are united in standing against abortion and big government ideas.  Our country needs such opposition and benefits greatly from the work of these groups and others.

However, I have been disappointed with the number of friends I have who don’t understand that they must be more consistent in their opposition of socialism and abortion and in their promotion of family values.  The fact of the matter is that too many of those who align themselves with the Christian Right, as Christians who care most about their families, end up sending their kids to the local public schools to be indoctrinated with the teaching of our Big Brother, the state – the very thing they in theory oppose!  Our country is full of Bible-believing Christians who associate with the “Christian Right,” yet whose kids are suffering under the most anti-family organization around: our State schools.  You can bet that if our government is setting the curriculum, our kids are benefiting from years of teaching that suppresses God, encourages the theory of evolution, rewrites history, and promotes sexual immorality.

Bottom line: if your kids are attending public schools, you’re destroying everything you stand for as a member of or friend to the Christian Right.  And you’re failing your children.

If Christians and conservatives want to make a difference in their communities, and if we care about the future of our children and our families, it’s time that we start taking the most crucial step of removing our kids from the public school system and spending the time and effort necessary to give them a Christian education that builds upon what they’re taught at the dinner table and in the pew.  Fighting for God and prayer in our public schools does not resolve the issues at hand, it merely disguises them.  There will be no Christian Right if we miss this important point, and as a result, Christians will most certainly be Wrong.

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