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I understand the proper limited role that the state plays in governing the lives of free people.

Secure Our Border.

Securing our southern border must be our top priority–for safety, sovereignty, and economic prosperity. It’s the role of the federal government, but if they won’t step up the Legislature should do everything in its power to end the border crisis. The porous border allows cartels to continue undermining our society with deadly drugs, violent criminals, and victims of human traffickers. We must secure the border now and reclaim our sovereignty as a nation.

Empower Texas Parents.

We must empower parents with the freedom to choose the best school for their own children, whether that’s a public school, charter school, home school or private school. I'll fight to ensure we fully fund a high-quality education for every child in excellent public schools or in the education setting of a parent’s choice. Parental choice will improve educational outcomes for all students, make all schools stronger, and ensure future generations can thrive.

Permanent Property Tax Reform.

We’ve made important progress on property tax reform, but we can and must do more. Texans still don’t own our own homes–we rent them from the government. We need to cut property taxes even more and make reforms permanent. It’s time to rethink how we fund our state and ensure Texans can own their property outright.